Thursday, 8 February 2018


From Thomas Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy:

Killeen in the barony of Skrine two miles south of Tarah gives a title to the family of Fingal Near the castle which De Lacie built AD 1180 was a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary beautifully carved and in the pointed style The east window was large and of considerable height and west of the church were two towers The ruins of many ancient tombs are still to be seen with several figures in the episcopal habit and mitres on their heads This is supposed to be the Killeen in which seven bishops are interred

Saturday, 13 January 2018


From Thomas Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy:

Clonard in the barony of Moysenrath and is near the Boyne St Finnian the founder of Clonard This celebrated school of Clonard sent forth into the vineyard of the Lord hosts of learned men while its missionaries were not only the ornaments of their own country but also the luminaries of foreign and distant lands See Clonard diocese of Meath AD 838 The Danes destroyed the abbey and put the clergy to the sword AD 939 again plundered by the Danes under Ceallachan king of Cashell AD 940 died St Moel Mochta lecturer of divinity and the head of religion and learning in Ireland AD 949 King Congalagh granted to this abbey a perpetual freedom from cess press or other charge thereon AD 951 died Angal a professor of this abbey AD 1135 Connor king of Munster spoiled Meath and forcibly carried oft the riches of the whole province which were laid in this church for safety AD 1136 the inhabitants of Brefthey sacked Clonard and behaved in so shameless a manner as to strip O Daly then chief poet of Ireland even naked and leave him so and amongst other outrages they took from the vestry the sword of St Finnian the founder AD 1114 died Giolla Patrick priest and principal of the schools of Clonard a learned doctor and universally esteemed for his unbounded benevolence and amiable disposition AD 1170 Dermod Mac Murrogh with his English hirelings plun dered and burned Clonard The inhabitants afterwards rebuilt the town and abbey AD 1175 they repeated their ravages About this time Walter son of Hugh de Lacie erected the monastery of Clonard for regular canons of St Augustine AD 1538 Gerald Walshe was abbot Gerald died in 1540 At the period of the general suppression of religious houses in Ireland Clonard monastery was found to possess 160 messuages with their gardens 912 acres of arable land 1280 acres of pasture of meadow 192 of underwood 184 and of moor 400 acres a great proportion of which had been situated in Kilbreny Ballynlogh and other parts of the county of Kildare Nunnery of Clonard was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was endowed before the English invasion by O Melaghlin king of Meath It was founded for canonesses regular &c AD 1195 the lady Agnes was abbess Pope Celestine confirmed her possessions AD 1282 the abbess being dead a license was obtained the 16th of May to elect an abbess in her stead AD 1286 the lady abbess Felicia being dead a license was granted to proceed to an election AD 1288 Burgenilda the lately elected abbess resigned Afterwards this nunnery was annexed to the house of St Brigid of Odder