Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ballyboggan Abbey

From Thomas Walsh's History of the Irish Hierarchy:

Holy Trinity Abbey, Ballyboggan

Ballybogan De laude Dei in the barony of Moysinrath and on the river Boyne. Jordan Comin founded this priory for Augustinians in the twelfth century under the invocation of the Holy Trinity.

A.D. 1446 The priory was consumed by fire.
A.D. 1447 the prior of this house died of the plague.
A.D. 1537 Thomas Bermingham was the last prior. A considerable number of the ancient monasteries of the kingdom about the period of the foundation of Ballybogan adopted the rule of the canons regular of St. Augustine and were much diffused over Ireland before the beginning of the thirteenth century.

This establishment was surrendered in the nineteenth of Henry VIII when its possessions were found to consist of five thousand, two hundred acres of arable land in various places. This priory with various parcels of its property was granted to Sir William Bermingham at an annual rent of £4 3s 4d. This was an excellent mode of making good sound Protestants stern and uncompromising defenders of British rule and Protestant ascendancy in unfortunate Ireland. However this be, the savage tyranny of the English government in subjugating the oppressed Catholics of Ireland has cost that proud nation millions of treasure and Elizabeth, with all her resources, could not subdue two provinces, Ulster and Connaught, until the government of her deputy Mountjoy perceived as well as carried out a short method of doing so by burning and destroying the crops of the Irish.

A.D. 1538 this year a crucifix which was held in great veneration was publicly burned.

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