Saturday, 10 February 2018

Diocese of Clonard (Part 4)

From Fr. Anthony Cogan's The Diocese of Meath Ancient & Modern (Published: Dublin, 1862 by John F. Fowler):


548 St Finnen Abbot of Clonard Tutor of the Saints of Ireland died.
587 St Seanach Bishop of Clonard died. St Fiachrius Abbot of Clonard and also of Conwall in Donegal died March 29th between the years 582 and 652.
652 St Colman the Bishop Abbot of Clonard died on the 8th of February Same year. St Ossenius Abbot of Clonard died on the 1st of May 664. St Ultan Abbot of Clonard died this year of the plague There died very many ecclesiastics and laics in Ireland of this mortality and amongst others St Aileran the Wise who was chief professor of the schools of Clonard. He wrote the lives of St Patrick, St Brigid and St Fechin of Fore, see Ware's Writers of Ireland p 36.
700 Colman O Heirc Abbot of Clonard died.
716 Dubhduin O Frelain Bishop and Abbot of Clonard died.
726 Aelchu Abbot of Clonard died.
731 Fianamuil Abbot of Clonard died.
733 St Tola Bishop of Clonard a worthy soldier of Christ died.
740 Forannan Abbot of Clonard died.
743 Dodimog Abbot of Clonard and Kildare died.
746 The burning of half the granary of Clonard.
755 Ailgnio Prior Abbot of Clonard died.
758 Beclaitnae Abbot of Clonard died 760 Loam Abbot of Clonard died.
767 Aerlaidh of Clonard died.
771 Gaeidheal of Clonard died.
774 Fulartach Bishop of Clonard died.
778 (recte 783) Faelghus a wise man of Clonard died.
782 (recte 787) Dubhdabhoireann Abbot of Clonard died.
784 (recte 789) Clonard was burned on Easter night precisely.
788 (recte 793) Crunnmhael of Druim Inesglainn Dru miskin county Louth Abbot of Clonard died.
791 (recte 796) Clotchchu Bishop and anchorite of Clonard died.
794 (recte 799) Clonard was burned in the beginning of Summer.
800 (recte 805) Dubhdaboireann O Dubhain Abbot of Clonard died.
818 Crunnmhael Abbot of Clonard died.
824 Clemens Bishop Abbot of Clonard died.
828 Cormac Abbot of Clonard scribe and bishop died.
833 Eoghan of Monasterboice Abbot of Armagh and Clonard died.
837 Ruaidhri Prior of Clonard and abbot of other churches too died.
840 The destruction of Clonard by the foreigners.
856 Comsadh Bishop and Abbot of Clonard died.
857 A great meeting of the chieftains of Ireland was convened this year by Maelseachlainn the Monarch at Rahugh West meath. The Bishop of Armagh and Suairleach Bishop of Clonard attended for the purpose of uniting them in peace and harmony.
860 Dalach Abbot of Clonard died.
862 Conor son of Donehadh lord of Meath was drowned at Clonard by Aulave king of the Danes 868 Suairleach of Eidhnen Bishop anchorite and Abbot of Clonard doctor in divinity and in spiritual wisdom in piety and in good deeds so that his name spread all over Ireland died.
879 Aedhan Abbot of Clonard died.
881 Ailbrend successor of Finnen of Clonard died.
882 (recte 885) Cormac Bishop of Duleek and Abbot of Clonard died.
883 Clothchu Prior of Clonard died.
885 Cucongalta Abbot of Clonard died.
887 The plundering of Kildare and Clonard by the Danes.
919 Ruman Mac Cathasach Bishop of Clonard died. It was for him this quatrain was composed:-.
'Shrine of wisdom illustrious acute a man of virgin purity.
By the hosts of people assembled was he loved Human son of Cathasach the amiable.'
924 Colman Mac Ailill Abbot of Clonard and Clonmacnoise a bishop and wise doctor died. It was by him the Daimhliag cathedral church of Clonmacnoise was built he was of the tribe of Conailli Muirtheimhne.
'The tenth year a just decree joy and sorrow reigned
Colman of Cluain the joy of every tower died."